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IT Managed & Data Outsourcing Services

Don’t worry, you’re in safe hands.
We are committed to our customers’ success by providing excellent IT managed & data outsourcing services.

We offer IT Managed and Data Outsourcing Services that manages and assumes responsibility for providing a defined set of services to its clients either proactively or as needed. As an IT Managed Service Provider we always work towards benefiting clients by providing them with predictable IT support costs.

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Our trusted and trained service technicians are always available for a quick help. Our timely high-level professional support, saving you time and money that can be better spent elsewhere.


Flexible Monthly
Or Yearly Rate.

Not all clients want to work in the same way. We recognise this and are adept at customising our services and the rates are flexible as per the custom tailored requirement.


Regular and
Frequent Monitoring.

Our regular monitoring visit enable us to address needs before problems arise. Without the hassles of dealing with IT support in-house, our customers can observe increased employee productivity.

Wide spectrum of IT Solutions
For the business, we make it easy to keep your business running smoothly
We're your IT partner, providing you with the same level of expertise and service cost effectively.
Data Processing

- Data Mining Services
- Order Processing Services
- Forms Processing Services
- MS Word Data Processing Services
- MS Excel Data Processing Services
- Data Cleansing Services
- Image Processing Services
- Product Catalog Processing Services
- Check Processing Services
- Market Research Forms Processing
- Survey Processing Services
- Web Searching Services
- Data Conversion Services

Data Entry

- Online Data Entry Services
- Offline Data Entry Services
- Book/Catalog Data Entry Services
- Website Data Entry Services
- Image Data Entry Services
- Text & Numeric Data Entry
- Invoice & Purchase Order Data Entry
- Database Data Entry Services
- Survey Form Data Entry Services
- Document Data Entry Services
- Data Capture Services
- Data Extraction Services
- Questionnaires Data Entry Services